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Excel Graduate Program

Why Join our Excel Graduate Program?


Our Speech Pathology Graduate Program has been designed for Graduate and Early Career Speech Pathologists who want to work within the area of paediatrics, specifically supporting clients in the NDIS, community, and school settings.


This program is designed to ensure you receive support to bridge the gap between university and stepping foot into the workforce.

Structured Program

For the first six months of the program, you will have the opportunity to learn while working with real clients – while being supported by senior team members.


First Week

  • Induction videos

  • Multi-disciplinary session observations, including group programs if available

  • “A day in the life of a Speech Pathologist” shadowing


Following Weeks

Graduates will be guided to:

  • Set client goals

  • Administer and interpret screeners and assessments

  • Hone skills in providing therapy

  • Practice clinical documentation and report writing

  • Maintaining a healthy and sustainable work-life balance


Next Few Months

  • A gradual ramp-up of a clinical caseload.

  • You will have checklists and training to ensure clinical skills and personal wellbeing needs are being well looked-after.


Supports include, but is not limited to the following:

1:1 supervision & peer supervision

Shared resource channels

Full admin support - so you can focus on being a Speech Pathologist!

Group learning sessions

Dedicated self- & clinical-reflection hours

Generous PD budget

Ad hoc drop-in sessions

Ongoing observation opportunities (not just in your first week!)

And much more!

Support and supervision opportunities are available to all our team members, regardless of their level of clinical experience. The type and level of supervision is tailored to reflect individual needs, learning styles and professional goals.

Access to 100+ hours of dedicated learning and support in the crucial first 6 months - and beyond!

Professional Development

We believe that continuous learning plays an important role in a therapist’s growth. This in turn is reflected in the quality of service we provide to our clients.

External PD

  • Generous yearly PD budget

  • Choose your own PDs relevant to your learning goals and interest areas

  • Two paid PD study leave days for full-time team members

Internal PD

  • In addition to External PD budget

  • Regular in-house PD training across different Allied Health disciplines

  • Experts in their field are invited to conduct learnings and training workshops for the team

Leadership PD

  • In addition to External PD

  • Available to staff who have shown interest in leadership & management

  • In-line with career progression and professional goals

What's Next?

You will continue to receive clinical mentoring and supervision as you develop into your clinical role as a confident and well-resourced Speech Pathologist.​​

Team Involvement

You will have opportunity to participate in projects e.g., group planning, quality improvement, mini research etc, in your areas of interest.

Career Progression

Resourcing coordinator roles, social media roles, group planning roles, clinical mentors, student educators, social and wellbeing roles, clinical experts, clinical supervisors. The possibilities are endless!

Senior and Beyond

As Therapy Lab values internal promotions and career progression, the senior career pathway is available to all Speech Pathologists who have shown interest in clinical leadership and/or team management.

Join the team

To apply to the Excel Graduate Program, submitting a resumé and cover letter by clicking "Apply" below. See you soon!

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