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Autism Assessent

Most people find the diagnosis process quite confronting. It’s not much fun having someone point out all the things that your child can’t do, things that typical children just pick up naturally. But think of this assessment as a benchmark, against which you can measure your child’s progress once they start in an intervention program.

Seana Smith, mother of four and

co-author, Australian autism handbook

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The Assessment

There’s no single test for autism. Instead, autism diagnosis is based on:

  • Observing and assessing how your child plays and interacts with others, i.e. your child's development right now

  • Interviewing you - the parent(s)

  • Reviewing your child’s developmental history

Diagnosis usually involves many specialists and professionals testing and assessing your child, to provide the best chance of an accurate diagnosis. It also helps to develop the best plan for supporting your child.

Our clinic provides multidisciplinary assessments by the Psychologist and Speech Pathologist to ensure the continuity of care for our clients.

If you would like further information about obtaining an appointment, please contact our Therapy Lab team for a chat on 0402 445 454. Alternatively, if it is outside of regular business hours, please click the button below to fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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