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House Rules

Therapy is most effective when we respect, trust, and value each other’s time and commitment. Like many professional services, we have a cancellation policy which reflects the time and efforts clinicians set aside for each appointment. As we have a substantial waiting list, given sufficient notice, we can try to offer another client an appointment instead.


We know that life happens, i.e., children fall sick, cars break down; however, cancellations and failure to turn up to sessions, especially if they happen more than once, can affect our trust in each other. This, over time, can affect the quality of care.  We are committed to providing the best quality of care, therefore do not wish for this to happen. 

Registration, Consent, and Appointment Cancellation Policy

By participating in a program or services provided by Therapy Lab Group, you are providing consent and acknowledgement that you have read and understood the terms listed below, failure to do so may result in cessation of services: -

  • Agree that when it is needed, information about my disability, injury or health condition and care needs can be shared with:

    • Therapy Lab Group staff involved in your care

    • Other service providers in Therapy Lab Group or outside Therapy Lab Group

    • Other service providers, health professionals, employers, and other organisations, for Therapy Lab Group NDIS services

    • My local doctor and/or treating specialist

    • Other health care agencies who may be continuing my care

  • Understand that Therapy Lab Group will keep my personal information (which includes health information) secure and confidential and will only use and disclose such information in connection with my case as permitted under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

  • Agree that my case information (de-identified) may be used by Therapy Lab Group for quality monitoring, reporting and evaluation purposes.

  • Understand that in the event of a medical emergency, I will dial 000 or contact a family member or my carer, and/or my local doctor.

  • Understand that my calls/ sessions may be recorded.

  • Consent may be provided by next-of-kin and/or carer if you are under the legal age (below 18 years) to provide consent and/or you would like someone else to make the decision for you and/or you are unable to provide consent.

  • Understand that our clinic has zero tolerance to abuse, harassment, and unlawful activity. 

  • Adhere to our strict Appointment Cancellation Policy.

  • Understand that payment on the day of therapy is preferred and highly appreciated. For bank transfer payments, please include invoice number for payment verification purposes. 

  • Agree that all invoices will be paid within 7 working days of the original date issued. Should there be an outstanding unpaid account, this MUST be paid in full before the next scheduled session can take place. A 100% cancellation fee will be applied if the appointment is cancelled due to non-payment of outstanding invoices and accounts. 


Appointment Cancellation Policy


All clients receive a courtesy reminder text message 2 days prior to their appointments. Attending booked sessions is the responsibility of each client and therefore, the cancellation policy applies for any failure to attend sessions due to missed reminders.


Consistent with NDIS policy, in the event of a cancellation of a session with less than 7 days’ notice, the NDIS cancellation fee will apply. Please refer to the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for more information on Short Notice Cancellations. Cancellation fees are claimable for clients funded by the NDIS.

We appreciate your understanding that late cancellations or failure to attend occupies time that could otherwise be spent with another client on our waiting list. Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another client access to that appointment time. 

Individual and/or group sessions for Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Music Therapy, Play Therapy

  • More than 7 clear days notice to clinic for session change of cancellation

    • ​No fees charged.

  • Less than 7 clear days notice to clinic for session change or cancellation

    • ​100% of session fee.

  • Failure to attend appointment without notification to clinic

    • 100% of session fee.

  • Clinician cancels appointment

    • No fees charged.


Assessment Sessions

  • More than 7 clear days notice to clinic for session change of cancellation

    • ​No fees charged.

  • Less than 7 clear days notice to clinic for session change or cancellation

    • $193.99 per session ($214.41 per session for Psychology assessment cancellations)​

  • Failure to attend appointment without notification to clinic

    • $193.99 per session ($214.41 per session for Psychology assessment cancellations)

  • Clinician cancels appointment

    • No fees charged

Other options we offer clients when they cannot attend their appointment, is to have a Telehealth appointment instead. There is also the option for the clinician to conduct some non-face to face therapy in their scheduled appointment time. The purpose of these tasks would be to continue to work towards the current treatment goals. This may include creating visuals, developing social stories, contacting other team members (e.g., paediatrician, teacher), providing at home activities/resources, preparing reports, letters, summaries etc.

For Assessment Sessions, our clinic engages consulting therapists and utilizes specialized tools. Therefore, a cancellation fee will be imposed to account for the attendance of our consulting therapists as well as wasted time and resources. 


Please note that cancellation fees cannot be rebated for Medicare or private health insurance claims.


Cancellations in advance may be made by e-mail or phone, but please be sure that you receive confirmation from our reception team. Last minute cancellations can occur for many reasons including illness, an accident, extreme weather event or other unexpected circumstances. These situations are stressful and challenging for everyone involved and we understand that these instances are often unavoidable. We do our best to be understanding and try to give our clients as many options to make use of the time set aside for their appointment as possible.

The terms and conditions of this agreement may be changed from time to time, but the latest version will always appear on the website here. If you continue to use our services after changes have been made to this agreement, you will be considered to have accepted the changes.

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